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Why is it a golfer rarely asks for a full 20 minute extensive warm up routine prior to golf, but rather those two or three key stretches guaranteed to yield the best results in the shortest period of time?

No matter how hard those in the golf fitness arena try and convince golfer’s to stretch prior to a round of golf, our efforts are often fruitless. It’s not that golfers don’t care; life just seems to get in the way of our best laid intentions. So, instead of arriving 30 minutes early as planned, most golfers come scurrying around the corner and plop into their carts in an effort to get away with the bare minimum prior to tee-off.

So, based on popular demand, here are those 3 key stretches. While it will always be in your best interest to plan and prepare, both mentally and physically, prior to your round of golf, the following stretches will get your body ready in record time.

Stretch #1 Lunge with Rotation

Goal: This movement is designed to duplicate the trunk rotation involved in the swing while stretching the hip flexors.


• Place hands on opposite ends of a golf club and place behind the top of shoulders

• Begin by taking a nice long step forward, then lowering to a lunge position

• Gently turn your torso towards your extended knee

• Hold each side for a count of two, then switch legs

Stretch #2 Rotator Cuff Stretch

Goal: This movement is designed to stretch the rotator cuff muscles.


• Hold the club in the middle of the shaft with one arm extended straight out

• Rotate the club to the right and then to the left

• When complete, switch to the other arm and repeat

Stretch #3 Trunk-Hip Rotation

Goal: Loosens up the hip joints and prepares the body for a shoulder turn by stretching the low back.


• Bend over slightly from the hips

• Hold your spine in a neutral position

• Place club behind your back and in the crook of your arms

• Rotate your shoulders to the right, then to the left

• The movement duplicates the trunk rotation involved in the swing

Use these three stretches prior to your next round of golf and you may see a significant impact in your performance.  Get ready to take your game to a new level!